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Experience a world where business finance is simplified, efficient, and tailored to your needs. Dive into a comprehensive suite of financial tools designed for modern businesses.


Holistic Financial

Dedicated Business IBAN

Streamline your transactions with a dedicated business IBAN.


Instant Fiat-Crypto Conversions

Seamlessly convert between fiat
and crypto.


Online Credit Card Acquiring

Accept payments effortlessly with our secure online card acquiring system.



Global Financial


Business IBANs

Facilitate worldwide SEPA & SWIFT transfers.


Crypto Solutions

From business crypto wallets to audited incoming crypto payments, we've got you covered.


Advanced Security

Benefit from superior protection measures and insurance for both cryptocurrency and fiat.


Flexible Acquiring & Currency Management


Inclusive Acquiring

Accept payments globally, including crypto transactions.


Instant Currency Conversions

Seamlessly convert between multiple


Upcoming Corporate Cards

Stay tuned for our corporate card offerings, designed to provide financial flexibility.


Streamlined Business Operations

Efficient Payroll Solutions

Simplify salary payments with digital solutions tailored for businesses.


24/7 Business Support

Get immediate assistance anytime, ensuring smooth operations.



Customer Support

Dedicated Account Managers

Personalized support with real humans, no chatbots.


Instant Multichannel Support

Get answers when you need them
with our 24/7 support.


Premium Experience

Every client enjoys a premium banking experience with Exo.


Exo Cards

With Exo cards, financial flexibility is always within reach. Secure, fast, and designed for modern businesses, our cards redefine financial convenience.

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Don't let financial hurdles slow you down. With Exo, make payments faster, manage currencies effortlessly, and grow without limits.